Teenagers vs. Parents

Revolting is a part of human nature. If something happens that doesn’t favor what we want, we become unhappy and, sometimes, verbally or even physically revolt. There are some times, however, when a decision is made in the favor of our well-being, and we don’t know it. That’s exactly how the average teenager is. If you’ve ever had one of those times where you didn’t do anything or you just made just the smallest infraction in your parents’ “rule book” and they get really really furious. They end up ranting about why what you did was bad even though it’s the smallest thing in the world. You would think “Okay, okay. I get it, Mom. Geez…” and it really gets to the point where it seems that she’s being a bitch. Guess what. She’s really not. I know. It’s seemingly hard to believe. Some parents are very very fastidious, but it’s for a good reason.

This is interesting because I was browsing my Facebook and checking my friends’ statuses when I came across the link one of my friends had posted. It was an article on Cracked.com that specifically talked about this. And what I found really intriguing was that all of it is amazingly true. Unfortunately, as human beings, we tend to forget this. But, the truth is they want you to succeed in life. They want you to not repeat the same mistakes they did. And if they have to be a “tiger mom” or a “tiger dad” towards you, they have to. Of course, there’s always that urge to be a transcendentalist. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “For noncomformity, society whips you with its displeasure.” Yes, there are times when you have to follow your dreams. But don’t be afraid to bring it up to your parents. If they reject your idea, it’s not because they’re just being plain assholes. There’s probably something in that career or major they just don’t think fits you. So when you finally get the chance of moving out of the house away from your parents, it’s not a chance for you to just sit back and relax. I know it seems like a prison back in your old house. But think about it. You’ve got mortgages to pay, you’ve got a family to support. Mistakes happen. And even the smallest mistakes could potentially lead to a long-term meltdown in your life. So, please heed your parents advice. They bitched for a reason.

*Side Note: If you guys want to check out the article, here’s the link.

http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-parental-dick-moves-you-hate-until-youre-parent/ *

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