Fantasy vs. Reality

We’ve all heard those Cinderella-based stories where the man immediately falls in love with the woman of his dreams. The antagonists comes in and tries to get in his way. Eventually the bad guys’ evil plan is foiled and they are captured, and the protagonists live happily ever after. We’ve experienced this love story for decades, and it continues to this day. But, honestly, I believe the time has come to ask ourselves. Is it time to come face to face with reality?

Everyday, parents and teenagers alike face the constant pressures of life. Homework and projects are assigned almost daily. Tests and… oh, Idk; maybe watch some good movies and spend some time with their loved ones or alone? Well, being sick of politics, I’ve decided to watch some movies and playing some NHL 12 (and watch some hockey, but both of those are beside the point I want to make.). Movies such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Disney’s High School Musical trilogy are good examples of this kind of theme. In X-Men Oirgins: Wolverine, when Logan (Wolverine) finds the dead body of his girlfriend and, knowing his half-brother killed her, seeks to exact revenge. For those of you who have seen the High School Musical trilogy, you know how that goes (If not, Google it or rent it.).

On a personal note, I feel like I’ve just been absorbed in this sort of love story fantasy and I just don’t want to miss one second of it. But then, as the film or as life goes on I deal with another part of me that can actually accept reality. You know, I wonder if that’s what other people feel as well.

Some of us (if not most) love those romantic or action movies that involve a protagonist having a love interest, losing her, and having to fight his way towards her. In fact, this theme I would think somewhat occurs in real life. But hey, not every story is a fairy tale right? So, once again I ponder this question: Is it time for us to separate fantasy from reality?

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