Love: such a simple word, yet complicated aspect of life. Because it basically means caring a lot for something or someone, it can be used both in a relationship between you and a significant other or a passionate relationship between you and your family, friends, or even the environment. Like, for example if you care about saving trees and not contaminating the surrounding environment that’s loving and supporting Earth. However, the “love” we often witness in life is the supposedly simple, yet seemingly complicated relationship between you and the love of your life. Usually most guys look for looks when finding a girl to get together with. Whenever they see a hot girl they compliment the girl saying, “Nice body!” or something similar to that. Most girls, however, are the opposite. They put personality before looks.

Honestly, beauty is also the first thing that attracts me. If I see a girl that’s hot and sexy, or a girl that’s really cute, I tend to be more attracted to them. But that’s just the part of our nature as boys. In reality, looks don’t have that much meaning. If you have someone that’s benevolent and will truly try to be there for you no matter what, that’s really all you need. If you’re trying to get to know someone, and they complain constantly until he or she officially annoys the living crap out of you, don’t even think about it.

Love can expressed in various ways. Students sometimes pass out love notes to their lovers if both parties are in class. People can write love poems to express their love. There are also songs out there that express the theme of love, losing someone, and making up for their mistakes. And you know what? Some of us can actually relate to these songs. Maybe, there’s a time in their life when we have bad break ups. Maybe there are times when we wish we had a special someone to be with us right at the moment of loneliness and love sickness. At least, that’s how I see it.

Generally speaking, every couple we see with our naked eye looks “perfect” on the outside. However, as we know, life is never perfect. Human beings were never made to be perfect. Therefore, love itself is never perfect. More than likely, there will be cracks in even the least expecting of couples. Everyone has their own interests in what they like to do on their free time, musical interests, career interests, and monetary interests. Both parties of a relationship don’t necessarily have to agree on everything. But, if they have nothing in common, then, well something’s obviously not clicking. When relationships go sour and more fights and break-ups mount, they generally blame each other for what they think went wrong. I remember chatting with an online friend of mine about getting a girlfriend. He, who already has a girlfriend, told me they’d fought a few times. I thought the relationship would have gone downhill then. Then he told me something I’ll remember probably for a long time. He basically told me the more fights you and your girl have, the healthier the relationship will be. I guess it’s because fights, if the cards are played right, will blatantly reveal the cracks that need patching in the relationship. However, as we know, there’s a limit to how many fights there can be in a relationship before the relationship is officially over. In theory, love is complicated my friends, and so is life.

( Side note: If you guys are interested, here are a few love songs that are stuck in my head these days:  , <— I actually know how to play that on the piano.)

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