Commercial Break- A Message From Yours Truly

As we take a little break from my Psychology columns, I want to use this time to passionately rant about an issue that has come up and disappeared numerous times in the past and irritated me. Although, I have a feeling this will be controversial, I want to make my message clear to those reading this. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “REAL” MUSIC. It really bugs me when I openly express the love for the songs that I listen to (mostly pop) and people are like “Dude, listen to real music.” I mean, I normally don’t show it, but that statement itself ticks me off. Music is music. “Good” and “bad” music only exist when people talk about their tastes.

It’s the same thing with shuffling. I was looking at the comments section of LMFAO’s Party Rock music video, and there were people saying how LMFAO’s shuffling is crap and how people should learn how to really shuffle. Okay, again. I get that the dance originated in Australia and is known as the Melbourne shuffle. The idea spread into the U.S., and now we have own style of shuffling. For those of you against it, deal with it. You can’t change a thing about it. So while I don’t care if you spread your hatred amongst your fellow Melbourne shuffling supporters. So at least respect it and let us enjoy a simplified version of the dance and the version that we appreciate so much. We never said Melbourne shuffling is crap. So why should you diss our style? Once again, there is no such thing as “real” shuffling. Shuffling is shuffling, regardless of Hardstyle or Newstyle.

I know, I know. There will be those of you that ask “So, why did you bring it up in the first place if you hate it so much?” First off, I tend to have a hard time ignoring the most ignorant statements I’ve ever heard. Second of all, I don’t give a s*** if you care about the truth or not. You face the truth all around you, every effing day of your life. There’s no escaping it, so why bother? Another counter statement that bothers me so much: “You’re taking this too seriously.” Okay, I get it. It’s the entertainment world. It’s your opinion. You’re free to do whatever the hell you want. Fine, then. I don’t care if you decide to ignore my statement. Because, once again and not to sound cocky, it’s the truth. So in the end, while it may be my problem for not being able to ignore just ignorant statements, it’s your fault for not accepting the truth and making me frustrated. Like I said, this rant will probably be highly controversial among those who dwell my blog site for columns to read, but if you stop following my posts because of one statement that you dislike, that’s your problem, not mine.

4 thoughts on “Commercial Break- A Message From Yours Truly

  1. Josh says:

    We all have frustrations man, so I can understand your views from that perspective. And since you are saying there really is no such thing as “good” music and “bad” music I have to actually have to both agree and disgree with you on this topic right here.

    Yes, there shouldn’t be a classification of “good” and “bad” music. What song each person listens to IS based on their own personal preferences.

    For example, I enjoy most classical, pop, jazz, disco, country, gospel and soft rock genres. And there are others who say they LOVE heavy metal, but I abhor it.

    But since everyone has strong subjective opinions over what they like and dislike, there really isn’t a “right” and “wrong” thing here, at least in this case I believe.

    Everybody is a bit self-righteous. I am too.

    But what I strive for as a human being as well is to find some common ground. Even if somebody else holds extremely different beliefs and values than I do, I still try, to the very best of my abilities, to pick out the mutual things we both can have in common.

    I first start there and then if I really want to preach my beliefs to you, at least we can agree on some mutual things first. That way, it makes it more comfortable for both parties to freely express their utmost die-hard beliefs and opinions to each other.

    Now wouldn’t you agree?

  2. yaragorm says:

    I can’t even tell the difference between good and bad music because I only listen to music that I think is catchy, repetitive, memorable, and amusing. For me this only applies to certain video game music. When I listen to a song that’s considered good, I just can’t get into it. When I hear a song considered bad, I still can’t get into nor can I really see why it’s so terrible.

    • Zen says:

      Hey, its BlackZen

      I usually just listen to the beats of the music, i like any type of music really to be honest , from rock-country.

  3. Jamal K. says:

    For me, I’m sure you’ve heard one of my usual rants on xat about the difference between hip-hop and rap music. Now, to me, I’m not into rap music that much (I hate most of it), but there are some songs that are good exceptions (at the time I started this comment, “5 O’Clock” by T-Pain, Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa came on, which I like). Now, don’t get me wrong: rap music has its own mindless zombies following it, but I’m a mindless zombie of hip-hop 😉 . So, this is what I’m saying: you can hate something, but not completely hate it.

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