Thanksgiving: A Day Of Appreciation

I’m assuming we all know the story behind the Thanksgiving holiday; the Plymouth Pilgrims having an autumn feast with the Indians and giving thanks to God. It’s such a great tradition passed on from generation to generation. Of course, people are thankful for different things, such as great gifts given to them by their friends and family. But most importantly of all, I think we should all just be thankful and appreciative for what we already have. I mean, really. Of all the fancy electronic gifts that we get probably daily, most of us fail to recognize the one gift we should most of all be thankful for. I mean, do we teens ever thank our parents for anything these days? And sincerely? Do we ever think of them even when they’ve given us extremely hard times? As I’ve implied in my “Teenagers vs. Parents” column, teens generally give their parents less credit than they deserve. I mean, come on. Your parents are the ones that have obviously raised you, unless you were abandoned by them for whatever reason. Sure, they’ve bitched at you. But like I said before, they bitched at you for a reason. They want you to be successful in life. And yet, you don’t give thank them at all? Do me a favor, guys, and this Thanksgiving holiday, tell your parents how much they mean to you even though they’ve probably been harsh on you in the past. Tell them how much you love them and thank them for everything they’ve done for you. They’ll surely appreciate it. While you’re at it, instead of sitting your lazy asses on your couch and gluing your eyes to the T.V. or having a staring contest with your computer screen while browsing the web and enjoy life will ya? Spend some time with your family. They deserve it. With all that said, I hope you all have a great, safe Thanksgiving holiday! Until next time, peace out.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: A Day Of Appreciation

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