Follow-Up: Pain Never Dies

Everyone knows pain is such a hard thing to deal with. People often imagine how perfect society would be if things were just… simple, if things went as planned. Of course, that’s far from the reality of things. You see people with disabilities probably from early childhood. You see children who’ve been abused countless times by their own parents. You want to help them, but sometimes, what if you simply can’t? Well, that’s where Josh Chen makes his point in “It’s Very hard to Let Go and Move On…” As he says, it’s hard to move on and let go from physical and emotional pain, especially ones that scar you for life. It’s simply heartbreaking. If you put yourself in their shoes, you feel like your cries for help are just welling up inside, the tears and frustration mounting inside you. But even if it seems an eternity for someone who has the guts to actually come to your aid, as Josh says, there is hope. Yes, I do say “someone who has the guts”. Why? Think about it. Often times, society doesn’t allow you to be a difference maker. You see examples like the toddler who was seriously injured after getting run over in China. The shocking part of it is that no one came to her aid until a man finally ran towards him to try to save her life. Unfortunately, the toddler’s life ended the Friday after the week she was run over.

As Josh says in his column, “there is still hope in reality.” Don’t be afraid to speak out. There are people out there like that good Samaritan in China to assist you with whatever you need. There are people out there that will support you in any way, whether it be trying to overcome the pains of the past or certain disabilities that you have. But, also remember this. You can’t just rely on others to assist you. They need you to try your best and give it your all to pull through and overcome life’s obstacles as well. As Josh says “Hope comes from stumbling headfirst into the dirt and gravel, the blood and sweat all dripping drop by drop from your forehead onto the ground, and then getting back up despite getting all bloody and sweaty.” That’s perseverance. That’s not giving up. That’s making the most out of every last bit of effort and energy left in you. That’s getting nitty-gritty to the dirty areas. There are people out there that have battled drug abuse because of faulty relationships with loved ones who have turned their lives around for the better and are current helping others do the same. There are people out there that have had criminal rap sheets and served time in jail who have already or are currently trying to find ways to change for the better. These are the difference makers of the world. Moral of the story: reality may come back to haunt you, but don’t ever give up. Hold your ground, and fight until the bitter end.

Chinese Toddler Hit And Run:

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