Follow Your Dreams: Inspirations Worth A Thousand Words

Everyone has aspired to hold some kind of career, starting from early youth. Whether it be a cop, or a scientist, we’ve all held early career interests. Of course, as our intelligence expands over time, we not only get a better sense of what’s suited for us, but the whole variety of options starts to open up like a fully grown tree. There are people who possess hidden talents that run through their family roots. I use Josh as an example again, as I recall him telling me his passion for writing comes from his mother and his grandfather from his father’s side. No matter what your dreams, it is important that you follow through on them. It can be very easy to lose track of your goals in life, and it can also be very easy to be discouraged from achieving what you want.

Get inspired by your fellow peers. If they set good examples, by all means follow them, but be creative as well. If nothing about your surroundings inspire you, inspire yourself. Learn new things, think outside the box. Like I said, be creative. Life is about being yourself. It’s doing things and discovering what no one else has discovered. Be your own captain. No matter what people say, you’re in charge of your own life. Sometimes, I’m a shy person when I’m around people. But when I’m at home and I eavesdrop on my parents’ conversations and listen to the news, I’ve always felt the urge to rant about my opinions. Never would I have thought about doing a blog on this. But most importantly, never in my life would I have ever thought of starting a new blog on Psychology and have someone inspire me to look more into life, to ask myself more and more questions, to think outside the box and look at life in different POV. I mean, I just… I feel like a whole different person now than I was before.

The whole world is a vast, diverse jigsaw puzzle filled with new ideas just waiting to be discovered. Use it to find your true self. Ask yourself. What makes you so special? What separates you from the rest of the pack? Most importantly of all, don’t ever have second thoughts on life. Live every day like it’s your last. You have a whole life in front of you so cherish every moment and make good use of every precious minute you grasp. I know, I know. A lot of people reading this will be thinking “Okay. Yeah, yeah. Move on already. We get it.” Well, then let me ask you something. If you get it, then why do you continue to waste every precious minute of your life sitting in front of a damn computer screen mindlessly wasting your time on the Internet? I mean, unless you’re actually bored and searching up how other people innovate do something useful with your life. I used to sit in front of the computer screen and play COD for hours, but I remember one day that as I finished Campaign for the second time, I envisioned how cool it would be to work for Activision being a Quality Assurance employee for Graphics. I also envisioned possibly designing the graphics myself at EA Sports because I’m a huge ice hockey fan. Like I said before, without Josh’s inspiration, I wouldn’t have been so interested in life and writing about it. Therefore I also aspire to maybe become a future columnist some day. So, I have high hopes.

Inspiration is everywhere. The youth now is starting to be creative and innovate. I mean, no one ever said innovating is ever easy, but nobody said it isn’t possible either. Nowadays, anything is possible. About two months ago, a student who is now a Senior at Mission San Jose High School was recognized in a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama himself. The reason? Young people like him are innovating. This particular student is working on a microfunding program that helps students become social entrepreneurs. In simple terms, the program helps students open up businesses at an early age. Quite impressive, eh? How about a junior high student who followed in the footsteps of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and invented an application for smart handheld devices, which is very impressive for someone his age? As you can see, creativity is already at work. The youth is already prepping for center stage. These are all inspirations worth a thousand words. The world is already taking notice of these outstanding achievements. So, now the question remains. What’s there to wait for? It’s your time to shine. Get out there and carpe diem.

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