Change For A Better Community

We’ve all heard the phrase “Sharing is caring.” Most of us may think we do it often, but honestly, I don’t think we’re doing it often enough. In my column titled “Follow Your Dreams: Inspirations Worth A Thousand Words”, I noted two people that are already stepping up to the plate and doing what they want to do. In my opinion, that doesn’t just apply to careers themselves. Just a couple minutes ago, my columnist friend Josh Chen posted an awe-inspiring video, titled “Change For A Dollar”, he told me I had to watch. I have to say, I was truly inspired. About five minutes into the video, I felt myself being moved to tears and, as a habit, tried to hold it back.

It’s basically about a homeless man who receives a dollar from a generous bystander while sitting on the sidewalk in cold weather . With this dollar, he bought a set of matches and a cup of hot coffee and got change. Just one check-out stand away stood a mother and a seemingly bored little boy. As the homeless man exited the store, he momentarily met eyes with the boy, then left the store. In the homeless man’s first act of generosity, he  gives the cup of coffee to another homeless woman. It’s hinted in the next scene that the boy’s (mentioned earlier) mother is jobless. As the man walked along a sidewalk, he stopped just outside a coffee shop to put a penny on the ground. The boy and mother walked along that same sidewalk and found the penny. Then the mother got hired at the coffee shop. If you want to see more acts of kindness by this man, I posted the video below this very column. Be inspired.

Obviously, there are people out there that are very cautious about who they donate their two cents to so they don’t get scammed. That’s one thing, now that I think about it, that I hate about our humankind. We can actually be greedy enough to pile other people’s donations on top of what we already have. The donors’ money will have been ill-spent then. Yes, we all have needs of our own. We have to take care of our kids, finish homework, and deal with the every day stress of life. But for once, I’d like us to actually spare two or so minutes of our time helping others that are also in need. Everyone is human. I mean, seriously. How would you feel if you found out like half of $32,000,000 of donation money was ill used and now you have to wait additional months just to get what you need to survive?

America is already financially broke. Europe’s also in a financial whirlpool. There are people who are in need of not just money. They need love, they need work, they need food. There are patients who don’t have the medical insurance they need to get their diseases or impairments treated. The world is not made up of just one individual. The world is a whole helping community. Just one minute of your time could change a situation from bad to good, because even the smallest hint of change can lead to a huge impact on the community. So don’t just do me a favor. Do us all a favor and spread the word. Spread the love. Make yourself a better person and help your community overcome hardships.

2 thoughts on “Change For A Better Community

  1. Very interesting details you have mentioned, thank you for posting.

  2. Very interesting subject, thanks for putting up.

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