Paranormal: The Debate Rages On

As I went on Youtube today and had the urge to check out more paranormal videos, I came across what seemed like an “Anti-Mellowb1rd” or “Prove-His-Paranormal-Videos-Are-Fake” movement. Mellowb1rd is a Youtube user who uploaded a series of videos supposedly showing paranormal events in his home. But of course, nowadays you can do anything with technology right? Out of curiosity, I decided to check out three videos that tried to debunk Mellowb1rd’s paranormal videos. Now to me, I didn’t see anything that proved them fake. I mean, the second video I saw practically made his videos even more real. But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s all about points of view.

As I’ve said in my first “Paranormal” column, I am believer in the paranormal. I choose to believe in demonic possessions, communicating and conjuring ghostly spirits through the infamous Ouija board (Which I strongly recommend you NOT to use. Good God, it results in unexplained very scary events.), shadow people, etc. Now, I haven’t had a personal experience myself, but sooner or later, I plan on getting an EVP recorder, an EMF detector, and a static night vision camera to go ghost hunting. Also in my first “Paranormal” column, I mentioned reality ghost hunting T.V. shows such as Ghost Adventures. Now, I personally am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures. But like I’ve said before, different people have different points of view. Well, in this case I guess science can really be used either way eh? There are people out there that believe these guys are just staging everything just make to profits. Okay, yes. They’re probably trying to make a living out of this. But are they really trying to fool us believers? What if it was you who was holding that EMF detector, standing in pitch black darkness with just a flash light or night vision to check your equipment and trying to see everything around and in front you feeling cold chills up your spine with your hair standing on end while getting high EMF readings? What if it was you holding a video camera with an unexplained voice whispering in your ear, or running the hell out of a room which you saw the apparition of a creepy, angry little girl staring right into you?

We cannot even understand the very explanations of ghost sightings without first actually understanding what ghosts are–and why do they walk the night.

– an excerpt from Josh Chen’s comment on my first “Paranormal” column”

I have often pointed out that my college friend is very religious and dedicated to his religion, and that I am an individual who seeks scientific evidence for proof. Let me ask you something. Does it really take a church-goer like him to believe in spirits? Do you really think that Zak Bagans, host of Ghost Adventures, would lie in his newest book “Dark World” about his encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman in his former apartment? Why, then, would he have acquainted himself with two other friends with paranormal experiences and premiere his paranormal reality series? And how do you act out demonic possessions, especially exorcisms that have taken place and been video taped? If you’ve ever seen “Return To Bobby Mackey’s” either on the T.V. show or Youtube, you’d know what I’m talking about. Or perhaps you’re able to picture it yourself, but I’d still recommend you watch that episode.

After reading this, you probably have a lot of rebuttals and examples to refute my points and rhetorical questions. I know all that may have sounded to you like I’m trying to force my beliefs unto you. I’m not. What I’m trying to do is get people to understand my points; get your minds thinking what I’m thinking and understand the points I’m trying to make. Now, I’ll be honest with you. I’m a gullible human being. But sometimes, being gullible helps people like me be more insightful and have an open mind. But please, I am begging you; please do not try to annoy me or piss me off with “the sky is falling” crap, like from Chicken Little. I’m not that gullible. As for the paranormal debate, that may or may never be solved.

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