Raising Awareness: Bullying (A Four-Day Series) Day Two

This is the only incident that didn’t result in suicide.

I talked with an online friend of mine about his experience with bullying. He said that on December 23rd, he, his girlfriend, and brother were walking around in a mall when she dropped her hat. They never noticed. Then a good Samaritan asked the trio if the hat was theirs. As my friend went to pick up the hat, another person rudely ran it over while pushing a stroller and stepped on the hat. He then threw the stroller aside and threatened to fight my friend, his girlfriend, and brother.  Okay, so guy coming out of nowhere decides to be an asshole either just to intimidate the trio or something just pissed him off. I think the “just to be an asshole” excuse is definitely fit for this situation.

As the guy threatens them, my friend challenges him to fight, I guess to see whether or not the guy actually had the guts to fight them. Of course, there would’ve been consequences had that fight actually occurred (such as jail time). I further asked my online friend whether or not his girlfriend had to endure any more bullying. He said her “friends” constantly hit, push around, and ignore her. When asked if she’s still friends with them, he confirmed so only because she hasn’t had the courage to stand up for herself. Honestly, and obviously, I’m very sympathetic of his girlfriend (and no I wouldn’t be unsympathetic just to piss my friend off). Really, I feel bad for her. There are people like her that are just afraid of the consequences that would soon follow when standing up for themselves. All I can really say is that I hope she tells someone other than her boyfriend (my online friend) soon. It really pains me to see and hear stories of people like her who struggle to get past such painful situations. I really do wish her the best.

As for the first situation, I really applaud him for stepping up to the plate. I mean, seriously, that’s himself, his girl, and brother we’re talking about here. He has a right to protect himself and his loved ones. I really do not understand why people like that rude individual would do such a thing. Well, in my friend’s words,”Sometimes people just don’t have the mental capacity to control themselves and not be jerks all the time.” That’s just the way some people are. And no matter how hard I try, or other people try, to inspire an audience to just keep moving, pushing, and helping others, we can’t convince and inspire everyone. That’s just the unfortunate way life works.

Tip of the Day: Don’t be scared to stand up for yourself. If you feel threatened, scared, and/or insecure, talk with someone. Don’t try to pass each day thinking it’ll be over soon. It’s painful and dreadful to be under more stress and torture. It affects your mentality a lot. You want to become successful in life, but you can’t ever succeed without confronting the situation. Don’t be afraid of who you are. Raise your voice with authority. Be confident. 

Stay tuned for part three!

2 thoughts on “Raising Awareness: Bullying (A Four-Day Series) Day Two

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