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Apparently I have more free time this week than I thought, only because there are some technically issues to be dealt with for my C Programming class. Also, I found that I miss blogging. I honestly do. I chose to blog as a chance to let out my emotions. Some people say I take things too seriously, but I honestly think they don’t take things seriously enough. And also, I’ve had more blog ideas in mind, which I will post in my “Upcoming Blog Columns” page. However, this thought, I feel, must be let out not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. Now.

Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same.
– John Denver

People listen and love different genres of music. Some love mainstream music (pop, country, hip hop), some love alternative rock. Regardless of what songs you love to listen to, they all have some kind of message “encrypted” into the lyrics. For centuries as long as long as it has existed, music has been a form of entertainment to audiences worldwide not only because certain songs have sounded appealing to the audience; they tell a story. And as we all know, a story usually has a moral or a message to it, which goes back to my point that songs have a message that the artist is trying to convey to their audience.

Now, on a personal level, I really do not like Screamo. Fans of the genre of course will defend their choice, because they say things differently than I do. I was reading my high school’s newspaper today, The Smoke Signal, and an article in the Entertainment section caught my eye. It was written by a  Junior High classmate of mine defending Screamo. I thought to myself “Why would you defend the genre?” As I read on, it literally seemed like he’d read our minds. No, it’s because we’ve all heard enough of those people (including me) that accuse Screamo of consisting of people just shouting into the mic in a low, scary voice obnoxiously. In fact, I’ll even go as far as calling it “Hardcore Emo Rock”. Well, although I don’t remember much about what he said (and I had my English teacher recycle the newspaper), I do recall very vividly that he said it has a message that, of course, only fans can decipher. And again, I totally understand and agree with him. Like I said before, different people listen and love different types of music, and understand things differently.

By now, you’re probably thinking that the second paragraph is a total contradiction of the first and the quote. Keep in mind of one thing. I didn’t title this column “Musical Inspiration” for nothing. Up until last week, I hadn’t even heard of this Youtube artist named Megan Nicole. I have tons of songs on my iPod Touch that are Linkin Park, Nickelback, Far East Movement, New Boyz, etc. So, on the day that she came to our school after finals week (which was last week) to perform (possibly also in honor of the fact that Mission San Jose is one of the top schools in the nation). I would’ve stayed for the concert, but I had to study for my permit test, which I failed again but that’ll leave for another time, possibly. Anyway, I believe it was after I got home when I decided to look up Megan Nicole on Google and Youtube. It turned out she had done tons of song covers of other artists and one original song. When I first watched one of her covers, I was… just speechless. I was honestly very impressed with her skills. And within just, like, a day or two, I found myself hooked on them. I also watched her original music video. Once again, she delivered. To this day, I have never been so inspired by her to just sing, play piano, and play guitar as I have been before. I felt her original, “Beautiful”, really related to my situation.

No matter what songs you love, no matter what genre you listen to, nowadays it’s all the same messages. Of course, there’s really depressing songs, and there’s those “get on the dance floor and put yo’ hands in the air” or “Everyday I’m shufflin.” songs. But still, we all feel the same way. We can all relate. And as President Barack Obama would say, “We are one.”

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