Writing Novels & An Autobiography

In the past, I’ve attempted to write two novels; both which failed because I ran out of ideas eventually. In the past, I wouldn’t even have come close to thinking about writing any kind of book. But, inspiration really does make you think twice doesn’t it?

When I’d found out that one of my friends and classmates actually published a novel back in Junior year, I was impressed. I asked him if I could borrow the copy that he owned so I could read it for Read period. I know I probably say this a lot, but I was speechless. I mean, I was seriously impressed. Also, I believe it was before I read his book that I’d read Angels & Demons and, I believe, The Da Vinci Code. It was then when I got my start to try to write two novels; one of them imitating Dan Brown and the other about deception in the U.S. Government. Like I said, I’d eventually run out of ideas. I gave up for a while, until Josh Chen, my college friend and columnist,  “introduced you [me] to Richard’s [his former teacher’s] world of  teaching and writing.” Yes, I know I’ve emphasized my inspiration from Josh lots, but now, I’m planning on writing kind of an autobiography. It’s not really an autobiography, as it’s basically about life in general. I guess you could say it’s a accumulation of almost all my blog columns on this site so far. I plan to emulate Zak Bagans in Dark World, which by the way is a book I did my first unofficial book review on. So, as you can see, I have a lot of passion for writing now.

I’m probably not going to give up on novels any time soon, so long as the ideas keep coming to me. I try my best to keep the plot interesting in order to satiate my audience. But, you know, if any of my books failed somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, everyone’s got their ups and downs.

Now, to be honest, no I don’t get A’s and B’s in English. No, I’ve never gotten a perfect score or anywhere close to a perfect score on an essay (except for my Final). However, that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I want to do. Obviously, you’ve got to proof read your writing before you publish it or turn it in, but really, just research and write or, if you really know what you’re talking about, just wing it and worry about the spelling and grammar stuff after.

I hope you guys continue to support me in my future endeavors. That would be really awesome. For those of you following your dreams, don’t give up. You can do more than you think you can if you just put your nose to the grindstone. I encourage you, as I’ve always done, to step up to the plate.

4 thoughts on “Writing Novels & An Autobiography

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  3. zen says:

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