A Look Back At My High School Career…

As the end of high school draws near, so does the transition between a place where teachers still nag you about academics and a place where you totally control your own destiny without help from anyone (unless you ask for it). I leave behind a  part of my childhood that I feel I most definitely will miss. In fact, it ‘s almost as if these past three years of high school took place just yesterday. From academics to school events, I felt Mission San Jose High School has all that I ever wanted. In fact, over the years, I felt more appreciative of the different cultures around me. Most of all, I felt more comfortable with my surroundings. I felt more open to others.

One of the events I will never forget is Homecoming. Throughout all these years, no school event has ever felt so thrilling, the adrenaline so high between the class rivals. Despite how rigged the Homecoming results were (because the Seniors always won), I loved the feel of it; the skits and the air bands alike.

I’ve always asserted how important it is to accept reality, and be grateful for everything you have. Still trying to conquer my inner demons, I find myself more and more trying to grasp reality. To this day, I have times when I feel like I don’t deserve what I have, that I’ve sinned so much. Why am I complaining so much when there are people out there who live their lives under much worse conditions than me ? For now, I know this question will be floating around in my head for quite some time.

Senior Ball is about two weeks away, and graduation is five weeks away. It’s time to finish out high school in the best way possible. It’s time to carpe diem.


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