History Repeats Itself: Massacre at Century 16

I initially did not think of writing a blog column on this, thinking and concentrating on this horrible tragedy. I wanted to respect those in CO, so when Jamal said I have another blog column in my hands, I was hesitant. So, I’ll admit. It’s one of hell of a bold move by me.

First off, I want to say that history, sometimes tragically, repeats itself. How many times have we seen this kind of thing happen? A suspect, possibly driven mad by a marriage gone bad or getting fired from their job, walks into an open crowd and fires, only to take their own life. Virginia Tech, the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, is an excellent example of this.

The midnight showing of the new highly anticipated Blockbuster hit “The Dark Knight Rises” was showing in the town of Aurora, Colorado. However, sadly, the audience wasn’t prepared for what would hit them about fifteen minutes into the screening. A man walks from Theater 8 to Theater 9 in full-on riot gear. Of course, if I were the victims, why wouldn’t I mistaken two canisters possibly loaded with tear gas and a guy with a gas mask on as props? Unfortunately, none of those were props for the new movie. Not the bulletproof vest, nor the bulletproof jeans… not even in the countless rounds of bullets that ended a dozen lives and wounded more.

I also want to mention that among the victims was an aspiring sports journalist named Jessica Ghawi. First off, if any of her family read this post, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It’s unfortunate what happened to her, along with the eleven other victims who perished. Having watched a ton of ice hockey on the NHL Network and NBC Sports (formerly Versus), I would know that women sports journalists, no matter if they’re pursuing a career in sports writer or commentary, are very rare as both fields are male-dominant. She would’ve had a great life ahead of her.

In the aftermath of all this, in the midst of all answered questions, one huge question remains. What was the suspect’s motive? This guy is a grad student drop-out from the University of Colorado. He’s a PhD candidate studying neurology. Now according to CNN, he doesn’t have a history of violence. He’s a smart person. Even his peers and teachers said he’s an extremely nice person. So, if he’s never liked guns and violence, what made him say “F*** it. I’m going to load up on enough arsenal to not only take a dozen lives and injure more, but also plan a sophisticated bomb system inside my own apartment located so very close to my neighbors.”? Also, as I was talking about this with one of my online best friends, Jamal, he asked an interesting question, and one that’s probably going to have a lot of heads rolling. How in hell did he have access to these things online? I mean, yes, he’s old enough, but he’s still a student. Although I never like to spark political issues on the day of or the aftermath of a massacre, the hottest and, perhaps, one of the longest running (if not the longest running) debates in our nation’s history, is brought forth once again. Gun control, an issue that splits many Americans. Will gun control protect us from future incidents? Or will it simply be just a nuisance obstacle to suspects like the 24-year-old student named James Holmes? As he prepares to face court for this first time on Monday, we hope to get answers to why such a tragic event had to happen.

For the dozen victims deceased, R.I.P. and may justice be with you.

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