The Chaos Called Life

Hey all. It’s Bone. Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted something, and I’m sorry. However, instead of giving my reasons separately, this is where I get into my column.

In every day life, people have to take care of their families and work for their hard-earned cash. Children go to school and learn about the basics of life’s concepts and skills. As they grow older and mature (hopefully) into teens and young adults, of course depending on their surrounding influences, they will either choose to keep their bad habits or throw their bad habits away and become successful in life.

My mom had told me that I was on a clean slate, since I graduated from high school,  All the mistakes I’ve made in the past, all the accomplishments and accolades have been wiped out. As a college student, I know what is expected of me. I know how hard I have to work now. As I go about my daily life in college, I try to adapt to the new environment, filled with internationals whom I don’t know and am eager to work with, communicate, and make friends with. Unfortunately, so far, I have not had much success. My personal demons have come back to haunt me. I’m struggling to be responsibility on all corners of life.

I find myself again arguing with mom about what’s right, and then subsequently getting frustrated at myself knowing that she’s right. The bad habits are kicking in, and I feel like I’m not going to survive the first months of college. On the bright side, however, I’m planning to upgrade to an iPhone (I currently have a flip phone). It still seems to be struggle, but I’m trying my best to hang in there, with my goal still in sight.

For all you underclassmen and people just struggling to cope with life, don’t give up. As I’ve always said, follow your dreams. Be yourself. Help others and don’t be an asshole. Pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. You’re great just the way you are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Recently, I’ve thought about the many people who have had it much more tougher than we have had it. You think about the military families, the kids who have to live without the loved ones who are on tour in the Middle East. Who knows if that could be the last time they will ever see each other? There are people living in poverty in Africa. There’s a massive civil war going on in Syria right now. What luxuries do we have? The television set, video game consoles, smart phones; we even have all the basic necessities essential to life, like education. Only in the past few years has Africa had education. You take smaller countries like Haiti that are still suffering from hurricanes and earthquakes. Be grateful for what you have. Most importantly of all, carpe diem.

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