America’s Choice 2012: American Distrust in the Mainstream Media/Are Politics & Social Media Are Tearing Us Apart?

I remember that after my interest in politics faded away, I vowed to never do a political column again. However, with the 2012 President election coming up and the change in the attitude surrounding not just the election itself, but the media coverage on it, I felt I had to do a post on this interesting, yet I suppose not surprising, change. I’ve decided I’m going to make this a two-part post.

Part 1: America vs. the Mainstream Media

With the 2012 Presidential election just around the corner, the American public and the news media are geared up; the people getting ready to vote for whom they think should be President of the United States (and other things in politics) and the news media trying to gather “facts”. Uh-oh. Why did I quote the word “facts”, you ask? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, attention to politics has slid downhill after the historic 2008 Presidential election.

I recently decided to visit the Gallup poll website to check out President Obama’s approval ratings, and happened to stumble upon a poll that basically indicated that American trust in news outlets has drastically gone downhill. People left and right are either saying “Such-and-such news network is being way too liberal.” or “Such-and-such news network is being way too conservative”. Of course, they might be right, or they might be wrong, but in the end it’s all about opinion, because  it’s your choice who you want in office (although obviously, when I say “it’s your choice”, it’s really the electoral votes that mainly count). This is exactly why I absolutely hate politics. You don’t know who to trust. It’s back and forth bull$@&*. It’s politicians who can’t get their freaking acts together just to keep a country united. However, I will admit to being a hypocrite because every time I see a post on Facebook either by CNN or Fareed Zakaria, I just love seeing the debates, disagreements, and – sometimes name-calling. Since I lean liberal, I disagree with conservatives and don’t understand why the Hell they think the way they do. Anyway, this is exactly why distrust in the mainstream has grown over these four years.

Part 2: Are Politics & Social Media Are Tearing Us Apart?

All this talk about Facebook and politics in the news reminds me of something I just simply can’t ignore. About a week ago, I came across an interesting article on CNN. In essence, it’s about how politics and people expressing their own opinions is tearing apart relationships. Now, I don’t know about the majority of people who will read that very statement, but that’s just sad. Why do we have to fight over politics? Hell, why do we have to take these things so damn seriously? I mean, we’re entitled to our own opinions, and while I understand that people are also entitled to break up relationships at will if they feel something’s (and excuse my language) f—ed up, I feel respecting each other’s opinion is more important than anything else. I mean, honestly, what the hell have we become as a nation? Forget about the conspiracy theorists when we think, for example, about 9/11. Yes, I realize how controversial it is. But please, listen to me here. Whatever happened to the U.S. that came together emotionally when more than a thousand people died innocently? Whatever happened to the U.S. that set aside politics and mourned the loss of the 300+ firefighters who lost their lives saving others? Whatever happened to mourning and being inspired when the passengers of Flight 93 decided to take action and avert what would’ve added to the tragedy of 9/11, what would’ve put a little salt to the wound in an already scarred nation? What happened to that America?

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