Education in War

A couple weeks ago, I read an article on CNN about education in Syria, a now-war-torn country.  As the civil war rages on in Syria, more innocent lives are lost and thousands of other civilians are left seeking shelter from the violent attacks. People fear for their own safety and the safety of others. One of the most important aspects of life is learning. Then again, how can you establish a successful learning environment when you feel unsafe in a place you grew up in? This is where improvisation is key to guiding you through life.

Since there were children who did not want to have to endure education in war-ravage cities, they took matters into their own hands, and – quite literally – dug deeper, much deeper, into education. As CNN’s Ben Brumfield and Saad Abedine report,  there are caves which the “interior has been carved into cube-shaped rooms. Improvised lighting, barely strong enough to illuminate the cavern, shows children sitting, legs crossed, on the bare floor.” ( That’s right. I’m referring to underground caves that have been turned into classrooms.  These children haven’t given up on their bright futures and are constantly striving to learn more. The teachers want to keep educating their students, not just for the paychecks, but to help them succeed in the future as well. Honestly, this really inspires me.

Here in America, we have everything. We have money (although we’re still dealing with a struggling economy), jobs, high-tech gadgets, and most of us have our families and loved ones to nurture us. However, we’re spoiled and lazy as hell. We need to work on being more innovative and strive to learn to achieve. In a job market like this, and in life, there’s plenty of opportunities for people to take advantage of. We have to seize them. Learn from others. Be inspired.

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