Respect for U.S. Armed Service Men and Women: A Veteran’s Day Special

Marines help a young boy finish a triathlon

I’ve always respected the men and women who serve our country. In the American Revolutionary War, our soldiers fought hard for independence and freedom. Although it seems our American values may have been lost throughout the years of politics and a now-meaningless conflict in Afghanistan, most of us still fight for what it means to be an American. By the way, you don’t have to be in war to serve for your country. I remember reading another inspirational iReport article on CNN about how a boy who had lost his leg was participating in some kind of sporting event for children. He was running halfway through a children’s triathlon with his running leg when his prosthetic running leg broke. Nevertheless, the boy had the determination to race to the finish. A group of Marines saw his efforts, and decided to help him with his goal. This, my friends, is an example of a true American.

Yes, Veterans’ Day is about honoring those who have served for our country overseas and was established in 1918 (then called “Armistice Day”) to end World War I, but again, you don’t have to be a soldier to serve our country. Nevertheless, I respect all the veterans who have served around the globe.

Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone.

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