Being Safe: The World Gone Wild

We’ve seen and heard massive shootings happen a lot over the years on the news, perhaps too much. There’s the Columbine massacre back in 1999, which claimed the lives of twelve students, one teacher, and the two suspects themselves. There was another incident in the past decade where a man killed one or more people, and then killed them self, possibly caused by the suspect being laid off. I remember covering the shooting at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado when the suspect, fully armed with guns and armor, opened fire on an audience who were just enjoying the premiere of  the then-new movie “The Dark Night Rises”. Just recently, there was a shooting in a mall. A 20-year-old came in with a hockey mass and an assault rifle, and as he opened fire, innocent people were just desperately trying to run for their lives and run for cover. Thankfully, only three people were killed; the suspect subsequently killed himself.

This morning, I turned on the news only to find breaking news on a shooting in Connecticut at an elementary school. My initial thought was “Oh great, another shooting? Jesus, what has this world come to? Now, not even an elementary school is safe to be in.” At first, I heard that the reports were two dead, including the gunman himself, so I breathed a sigh of relief. However, just an hour later, my mom would tell me the death toll that would shock me. At the time, less than 30 deaths were confirmed, but as I kept track, the number rose up to exactly 30. Honestly, I usually do not cry unless something really hits me hard. And so far, no news story has hit me nearly as hard as the one today. I cried harder than I thought I ever would have. 20 children were killed, ages 5-10. How do their parents explain– heck, how does ANYONE explain to them what happened? Not only would their parents be just extremely saddened by the tragic losses of their children, both the victims and their families have got to be worried sick and asking “Why? Why here in Connecticut?”

With all these massive shootings, I’d love to know one thing. What in hell goes on in the suspects’ minds when they pull off these deadly acts of violence and then subsequently take their own lives? Of course, it’s probably best that I wouldn’t wonder that. It just… let’s just say some people in this world sicken me. As a friend of mine put it, they need help. Whether it’d be trying to cope with having just been fired from work or an argument with anyone, people who get stressed in these situations need to seek help, because violence isn’t the answer, and unfortunately that’s not what they think. It’s the same with bullying. People need to see the warning signs, especially the persons’ friends or loved ones. These deaths could very much be preventable. All the places we’d thought were more safe than others, such as movie theaters, and malls, and hell, even a school, now just aren’t nearly as safe as they should be. It just frustrates me and makes me sad that time and time again, massacres like these still happen.

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