Sci-Fi (Possibly) Turning Into Reality?

Remember back in the days when there were only telephones, television was still analog, and kids enjoyed those old Atari game systems? Better yet, for those of y’all who were born without technology, do you remember that time when children either just read books and played outside and spent quality time with their families? Well, either way, I wasn’t around those times, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the constantly changing landscape of technology around us. As we’re well into the Digital Age, or the Information Age, engineers, scientists, and companies are constantly looking for ways to make search and doing daily tasks more and more efficient. So, you know those payphones that you used to go to for collect calls? There are now cell phones available. Tired of scrolling through a page on the Internet using the arrow keys on your Nokia? One downward swipe of your finger on a smartphone will get your more than enough distance to cover. How about if you’re just plain lazy to even tap the Safari app on your iPhone and type out “” in the URL bar? Just go to the App Store and search up the Google Search app. Oh, and do you remember watching those cartoon animations and movies where a hologram of a person or object(s) would pop up? China’s pretty much capable of doing that already, because they showcased a lot of 3-D graphics during the Chinese New Year performances.

Now, you would probably be dubious that not all things in the realm of science fiction can be turned into reality, and — of course — I won’t argue with that. Maybe most, though? Or… even more startling, could almost everything be brought forth in reality? It’s amazing how far the human imagination can stretch. While there are ideas that aren’t totally reasonable and realistic — and I’m not trying to exaggerate this in any way, the way progress is going this day and age, you really never know for sure.

As is the case for every major development and idea that has been conjured throughout the existence of the human race, there are certain consequences to this widespread explosion of advanced technology. Talking on cell phones for long periods of time could present a health risk. Staring at the computer and socializing online is one thing. What about staring at your smartphone device and playing, texting, or surfing the Web on it? These are all obviously health risks. Thus, in that sense, almost all of us have fallen victims to these advanced technological devices. However, in the business-daily life sense, these things are essential to our future. I feel the only way health nuts and tech-business gurus can “compromise” is just to simply limit our time on such things. Isn’t it scary, yet interesting how far we’ve come along in technology and fast we’re moving along?

One thought on “Sci-Fi (Possibly) Turning Into Reality?

  1. J-Dawg says:

    Remember the first “Matrix” film? Machines rule the world, creating an illusionary view of the world around us. And genetic engineering: all but commonplace. They harvest live human embryos to continue powering the infrastructure? Exaggerated science fiction? I’m getting more and more skeptical (and scared) of that myself at times… :/

    You should watch the film “Hanna” when you have the chance to, Felix old buddy. That storyline takes the Matrix to a whole new level.


    Your old college bud,

    Josh 🙂

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