The ‘Sandy Hook’ Aftermath: America Wants Answers

By the time, I’d started finishing this column up, it’d already been three months, but here’s what I had originally written and then added onto.

It’s officially been a month after the Sandy Hook massacre. Ever since that deadly tragedy, mass shootings have become more frequent. The mass shooting at Sandy Hook that killed 30 people, if I remember correctly, including 20 children, triggered the infamous gun control debate. Everyone agrees that these mass shootings need to stop. However, our nation is very divided on how to stop the violence. Some people, including those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting, are very much against bringing in more guns. Others, however, like the NRA, have expressed the great need for guns for future victims to protect themselves. President Obama himself has maintained his support for a national ban on assault weapons.

Here’s the problem I have with America, a problem my parents (and most enthusiastically, my mom) have brought up over and over again. Obviously, the solution isn’t very clear cut. However, it HAS NOTHING to do with gun control. Let me say that again. it HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with gun regulation. You regulate guns. You’re going to incite more people to buy guns to protect themselves. I think our problem, in this country, ties into almost everything that’s in dire need of fixing. First off, our mental health care system; we need to fix it.

Yes, in general, we have a broken health care system, but it’s the mentality of the people behind the firearms. If we let some psycho out in the streets armed with a handgun, what else can we blame other than the politics in our country?

As the United States grows even more broke and into debt, and prisons get overcrowded with criminals, well, it seems the only other way to fix that problem if not by capital punishment is to let them venture out into the very streets they committed that crime. Now, imagine a former inmate armed with a firearm. I’d be scared as hell. Wouldn’t you?

My last point, in my opinion, kind of deviates away from the “dire need of fixing”. With all due respect to all the gun owners, gun enthusiasts, and second amendment preachers, I just don’t understand the purpose of carrying a high capacity automatic or semi-automatic weapon other than to own it, to show it off maybe. I just don’t. I hate to bring it up again for those poor fellow victims or friends of the deceased from Sandy Hook Elementary (just skip this sentence if you’re well sick and tired of seeing this sentence fifty times), but that suspect was carrying a loaded high capacity semi automatic military styled rifle into the school. Not only is that terrifying, his deceased mother owned that rifle in her gun collection. Again, I fail to see the point in owning such weaponry.

Except for the cold-hearted jerks that exist in the world, we can all agree that this was a terrible tragedy. It’s just absolutely saddening, and we all want this problem of murders to be fixed, be it whether it’s a mass shooting or your daily murders in places like Oakland, CA and Chicago, IL. The one thing we definitely don’t agree on is how to fix it. This will be an interesting debate…

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