The Boston Marathon Bombings

I haven’t posted much again recently as I’ve been busy with other things. I’m trying to form a band in college. I’m continuing to practice and pick out more songs I want to cover. In the meantime, I’m also doing a lot of hockey-related things. I probably won’t be posting much in the coming days, so just please be patient and enjoy my previous posts. You can also check out my fellow college columnist, Josh Chen, at

As I take the time to wrap my head around the tragic events that occurred yesterday afternoon in Boston, questions that so far remain unanswered for many of us still linger. Who did this? Why did they do this? What were they thinking? Keeping in mind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the recent massacre that happened late last year in December in Newtown (the Feds declared these bombings a terrorist attack, although President Obama stopped short of doing so), my mind continues to ponder “Why must some people be so cruel and heartless?”.

That question never goes away. Every time a tragedy like this happens, my heart sinks a little more. The Feds have not yet concluded on whether this is a domestic or foreign attack, but either way this just ain’t right. When Newtown happened, I just knew — like everyone else — that the kid was experiencing tons of stress in his life before taking his mother’s, 20 or so innocent children’s and a few teacher’s, and his own life. It’s stress. Everyone deals with it, and that’s understandable. However, transferring all that stress, frustration, and anger and taking it out on innocent people is still not an excuse. Killing is never an excuse for anything, except maybe for self-defense (debatable, I know, but I just think there may be rare exceptions for this).

Going back to the bombings, this may be a different case psychologically as — as I noted earlier — this has been classified as an act of terrorism. Did we somehow manage to piss a country off? Is it the hatred from a certain Middle Eastern country that’s lingered over and they’ve launched an attack on us? Or was it someone from our own country committing acts of home-grown terrorism? For now, the only thing we can do is speculate. As I type, the conspiracy theories have probably started, especially with the threat of North Korea increasingly escalating (although who knows if their threat is actually legit, but that’s for another time). One thing’s for sure. As government officials and law enforcement officers continue to investigate this incident, security has definitely been heightened. In this world, hell, in this nation alone, I feel really bad but feel I have no choice but to say you really cannot trust anyone anymore. However, at the same time, it’s good to know we can still instill a little bit of trust and confidence in the people who’ve worked nonstop to help those in need and affected by the tragedy. We can be confident in those who help make our country more secure and catch those responsible for such a heinous act of violence.

Most of important of all, we can be glad that there are actually people in this world classy enough to give tribute and respect for those affected. The amount of support, as always, is just awesome, especially from sports fans. There’s no other way to describe it. On a lot of game articles I’ve seen commented on on, I’ve seen trolls. I’ve seen dumb posts, and I’ve seen really supportive posts. However, when a tragedy like this happens and the NHL decides to postpone the Bruins – Senators game to a later date, just to see the amount of support given by fans really makes me appreciate the sport and its people. The Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, and Chicago Blackhawks all had a moment of silence before their games. I just read on Twitter that the New York Islanders will also have a moment of silence today before their game. Again, this just shows how classy sports fans and organizations can be.

Hopefully, authorities can bring closure to this incident and to the victims soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. #PrayForBoston

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