Memorial Day: A Tribute to the Fallen

It is times like these that make me proud to be an American. It is a time when everyone comes together regardless of the politics. Today is a reminder of what it really means to be an American. Throughout history, America has always been the symbol of hope and determination. America has been the symbol of hard work, dedication, and sacrifices. Our nation is a symbol of freedom. Of course, freedom comes with a price. That price is what we observe today in honor of the men and women who served our country to protect our freedom. It doesn’t have to be overseas where after 9/11, we fought through the maze of terrorism networks and their allies, or brought down an Internationally infamous terrorist. It can be here on American soil, where volunteers helped to tend to the wounded as the paramedics arrived at the Boston Bombings. That price can be found when terrorists tried to hijack United Flight 93 and crash the plane into U.S. capitol but their plan was thwarted by the brave passengers on that plane who gave their lives to protect America. Here on Memorial Day, as we enjoy our freedom, we honor those who’ve been courageous enough to sacrifice for our country. God Bless America, everyone. Happy Memorial Day.

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