The Edward Snowden Saga: Hero or Villain?

The drama with Edward Snowden and the classified documents continues. Although previous reports initially indicated that he was on board a plane at the Moscow Airport, the latest news show that he’s still in Moscow, and that Russian President Vladmir Putin is “protecting him”. For those of you who don’t know this news story, Snowden was charged with espionage and theft of government property after revealing classified information about two NSA surveillance programs.

So the question still remains and is still being asked: what can the U.S. do?

Well, as much as it angers the idiots  in Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill, America really can’t do anything about it. I think the main question they should be asking themselves is “Are we really taking the right steps to balance between freedom and preventing another terrorist attack?”

As I wrote in my column special “Terrorism in the U.S.”, government officials are doing everything they can to reduce the threat of terrorism, and in 2001 that was further validated with the passage of the PATRIOT Act, which according to a friend of mine President Obama is planning to repeal. I’ve always said and still will maintain after reading and doing tons of research that this ongoing War on Terror is a war of ideology. Thus, spying on people isn’t really going to help. In fact, obviously, as shown here it creates a lot more controversy than wanted. I know people are concerned about homegrown terrorism, but reiterating my points in that column even further, homegrown terrorism really hasn’t been much of an issue. In post-9/11 government officials have already done a far better job of preventing terrorist attacks in the U.S. You’re not going to have a perfect security system because of human error.

Even if you’re going to spy on the American people, I think we all deserve a right to at least know some if not all of the “classified” details of such operations. Thus, Mr. Snowden, I commend you in your efforts.

Look, bottom line is this — to me and other people — is just simply ridiculous. That’s what it is. Putin has already criticized us for having imperialistic views. When rumors came out that Edward Snowden was seeking asylum in Ecuador, their President wasn’t afraid to call us out. It’s just historical politics: capitalism vs. communism. So, for all you politicians involved in this, please do yourselves and do our country a favor and stop this madness. Please. Our country has looked stupid enough already with previous dumb mistakes. Don’t stoop lower than you already have.

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