July 4th: the Birth of the American Dream

I’d previous wanted to write a column about America being “the Land of Opportunity”, but with July 4th coming up I’ll mesh that and my Independence Day column today.

It’s been exactly 237 years since we declared our independence from the British. For me, however, it feels just like yesterday when I did a group presentation on the history of our culture; my portion talking from the American Revolution to the Civil War. Either way, just as 17th century Americans were celebrating and cheering our independence with booze, parties, and whatnot, so are we. Barring the ignorance and arrogance of the majority of Americans, I really enjoy being a natural-born citizen of America, not just because of the pride and patriotism of being an American but also just the sheer interest in U.S. history.

Added to my interest in mainly the Civil War are all the sacrifices our ancestors have made to help shape this nation the way it currently is. Most importantly, we have to acknowledge that we are a country of immigrants. In fact, we’re the most diverse country in the world. By the way, I’m not just a natural-born citizen. I’m an ABC (American-Born Chinese). People like my parents came to the United States in search for opportunity and a better life. And while they may not know even one bit of American culture or American history (or both), it still feels great to settle in the Western civilization right?

While there’s plenty of debate on how hypocritical our country is and whatnot, again let’s all set our complaints aside and truly appreciate what our ancestors did for us to achieve the American Dream.

Here’s to a glorious tribute, and at the same time in honor of the victims who gave their lives trying to save the original intended victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to this great nation.

God Bless America, everyone. Happy Independence Day. Stay safe.

P.S. Hope you like my Independence Day themed wallpaper.

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