Life is Short

I was going to make this a lighthearted post, but from all the stress I’ve been getting from my mom constantly hounding me on how important it is to work really hard not just in school, but in life to getting a virus, or a few viruses, on my laptop, I have decided this needs to be a rant.

In the past, I’ve written about how parents and teens don’t get along usually, and that I side with the parents based on their role in life of being good role models for their children and making sure they succeed in life. Well, recently, I showed a totally polar opposite view from what I had said. I may or may not have mentioned this, but my mom is a perfection artist. In fact, either she has gotten more into being a perfection artist or I’ve just let it get on my nerves more. Trust me. It’s annoying. Every minor mistake, even silly ones, that I’ve made I will get hounded by my mother. Now, of course, the instinctive way for most people to react is to argue and say “Why the f— do you have to be this and that? Why can’t you just f—ing let me do what I want?” Trust me. I’ve thought of that. And while some people don’t like to hear this, you don’t know the shit I go through every day. Yes, it’s contradicting because technically you do. But you don’t know the magnitude of stress and frustration I get every f—ing day.

Again, look on the other side of the argument. I reiterate: parents generally (disregarding the careless abusive douche bags) will do everything in their power to make sure your ass succeeds in life. If you don’t like it, and you want to go your way, fine. Your parents won’t like it, but you won’t give a crap. Right? Sure, drop the hell out of high school/college and just start robbing people, doing drugs, and commit violent crimes. Of course, you could go the Bill Gates way and drop out of high school and still become a technological genius, but face it. What are the chances of that?

Bottom line is I am conflict with myself on how I myself handle situations. As of right now, the only thing right now that actually calms me down is that life is too short to worry and complain. I suggest y’all do the same. Instead of beating your head against the wall or taking advantage of others in the same situation, breathe in and appreciate life as it is. There are others who’ve experienced a lot harder than you and I both have combined. People have lost lives from murders and natural causes. Soldiers have risked their asses serving the U.S., and you’re worried about effed up your life is? This is what I tell myself every time I’m pissed or frustrated, but life is short. You don’t want to live it being stressed out all the damn time. Be optimistic about life, and take advantage of every second for good.

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