American Justice Served…. with Flaws

Every country has its flaws. There is not a system in the world that is absolutely perfect, but the justice system in the U.S. drives me nuts.

In the past I’ve never realized how flawed the system is, probably because law and order fascinated me a lot. Or I’ve just never thought of it.  Anyway, how exactly is it flawed?

First off, no one knows what the hell actually happened other than the defendant and the eye witness. And even there you run into possible problems. How can you actually trust what either of them are saying? For all you know the suspect might have lied to authorities and told them one version of the story, and will likely change their story in court if and when they volunteer to testify. And that’s a BIG “if”. As for the star witness, you have to worry about whether or not he or she was drunk the night of the murder. If he or she was drunk, he or she might not remember much, and heck, you might think they were hallucinating and on drugs as well or something that day or night.

The other point I want to bring up is that humans have a tendency to have flawed thinking. Human nature is flawed. Everyone has their own biases. However, biases shouldn’t get in the way of decision-making. Unfortunately, sometimes it does and the wrong people get locked up. Time and time has shown again (although, there are times when inadequate forensic technology is to blame) that the wrong person was locked up, and that the killer is still on the loose. Almost everyone in that courtroom gets paid, except the jury and — of course — the audience, which includes the families from both sides. Some people just do their jobs to get paid and deny it.

By the way, one interesting point I heard on an AC360 Town Hall debate on CNN about the Zimmerman Trial is that the verdict “Not Guilty” does not necessarily mean “innocent”. Zimmerman may have walked free, but he’s far from escaping the wrath of the public eye, especially the Black community.

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