The Philosophy – Paranormal Connection Part II: The Debate

Purgatory courtesy of

In Part I of my follow-up column, I’d talked a lot about the feelings of spirits and ghosts, the types of energy they give off, and why I feel they were once like us in a way. I then briefly went onto mention that in every religion in the world, there exists an afterlife. That’s what I’ll be kind of elaborating more on today, specifically focusing on the major religions like Christianity, Catholicism, and Protestant. After that comes the fun part

The ideology of the afterlife has existed for millenniums, dating as far back as Ancient Egypt. The most prominent beliefs on Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory date back pre-Renaissance era. The majority of Christians believe in Heaven and Hell. Roman Catholics believe in Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Like the majority of Christians, Protestants also only believe in Heaven and Hell.

For now, regardless of what each of us actually believes, we all know that all things were made by divine power. All demons were once angels, Lucifer rebelled against God. Thus, he and all his followers ended up in Hell and became demons. Of course, in every religion, there’s always the concept of good vs. evil. Now, every time I think about the war between angels and demons (which, if you think about it, is really a war between angels and former angels), I can’t help but to think back especially to Seasons 4 and 5 of Supernatural where Dean, Sam, and Castiel — a fallen Angel of the Lord — all worked together to help try and prevent the 66 seals from breaking and Lucifer from being released from his Cage. In the Book of Revelations, there are only seven seals.

Now comes all the questions. Are these really true or just nonsense? Do God, demons, angels, ghosts, and spirits really exist? All-in-all, is there really life after death?

As for God and angels, that still remains to be seen. However, in terms of demons, spirits and ghosts I think countless paranormal investigations say yes. Before you jump the gun here, I recognize that paranormal evidence can be faked, and that there are “faked” evidences of the paranormal. I recognize that there are non-legitimate ghost hunting groups out there. This is why in order to absolutely make sure we’re not fooling ourselves with “fake” evidence it is incredibly important that we try to debunk any evidence on the spot.

I found a YouTube video of the best evidences from Season 5 of the paranormal ghost hunting reality TV show Ghost Adventures (I couldn’t find one for the whole show). Check out these evidences and see what I mean.

In the latest episode of Ghost Adventures below, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin investigate the notoriously haunted Myrtles Plantation. You can go ahead and just skip to all the EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and visual evidence unless you want to watch the whole thing (which I would personally do ’cause I love how they connect the history to the paranormal hauntings). Again, notice how they try to debunk all of the evidence they collect.

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal doesn’t matter. We all have our different opinions, but in my opinion, based on what I’ve seen so far especially since I’ve personally been to one of the most haunted locations they investigated there is no doubt in my mind that there’s something out there. There’s still not enough scientific evidence to support the existence of the afterlife, and quite frankly the scientific community and, Hell, even the paranormal community itself is debating some of the theories, methods, and evidence brought forth from paranormal investigations and hauntings. Personally, if those two videos don’t convince you, especially the last piece of evidence they collected in the Myrtles Plantation episode, I don’t know what will unless you experience the paranormal yourselves.

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