Reflecting Upon Old Memories: How An Online Clan (In Part) Changed Me

The New SNM Homepage Layout from 2013-Present. Done by a former Leader.

The New SNM Homepage Layout from 2013-Present. Done by a former Leader.

Today’s one of those days when I get quite a bit nostalgic, when I again start to miss life with less bullshit. I’m sure you all can relate. I bring this up not because of some of the feelings I’ve been dealing with recently, but more from an unlikely source.

You see, I was a huge gamer — though I never became a no-life — back a few years ago. I played a whole lot of CoD, but I also played some online flash games, one of them being a little known game called Territory War Online. Prior to TWO, I used to play Stick Arena. I can’t remember whether or not I played the original Territory War game while also waiting for Stick Arena Ballistic to be released on Xgenstudios, but I remember being super psyched about SAB being released along with this new server that Xgen was going to incorporate into the game. However, TWO came out first and so I started playing that. Not long after, I started joining clans. Since I’ve already typed up my clan history on other sites a bunch of times now I’m just going to say I’ve only been in four clans and leave it at that. However, little did I know that the very last clan I’d be in before I quit playing TWO and Territory War Online 3, which was called Show No Mercy (SNM), would factor in to me changing as a person. It may seem like a no-life thing to say. I mean, how the hell do you change just from being online and playing a freakin’ flash game? Well, it happened.

It wasn’t just playing the flash game for me. It wasn’t just that for anyone. It was the vibe throughout the clan. It was how they treated me. In a clan, what essentially happens is players play for titles and ranks and participate in clan wars, basically like in CoD or BF or any other game where you can have clans in. Of course, all clans have competition and strive to be the best in the clan community. Within clans there’s also competition. However, how their members treated you was noticeably different from clan to clan. This was especially true for SNM. Although, I had much more losses than wins and basically fell out of the record requirement to join, I wanted to so badly and one of my long-time online best friends helped me out with that. At the time, their leaders (whom were both adults) were incredible leaders of the clan. Almost everyone looked up to them not only in skill, but in attitude. That’s what drove me to my mission to earn my way to the highest topmost position in the clan and chat, hierarchically. Everyone in the clan made me feel right at home, and the atmosphere was familial. They all treated each other congenially and had a blast. That’s what I strove along with other members to try and keep. Prior to them stepping down (it’s slightly complicated), the wife (and co-leader of the clan) of the main leader had always had faith in me, that I would succeed not only in the game and clan but in life. She was the first to inspire me to never give up.

I used this as my motivation, and other great legends and members had also told me the same. Since I was trying to work my way up the clan rankings (not the leader boards), I basically had to practice, work on my skills, and play TWO every time I had a chance; I’d even snuck on when I had to. I think this drive to be a great role model for others and try to help a community kind of helped me become a better person in life. However, when I finally became the main leader many moons later, I was in a mid-life crisis when I was starting to get really stubborn. I didn’t want this to affect me in my clan and gaming life, so I’d decided to step down and retire from SNM, clans, and TWO and TW3 for good.

Gosh, the nostalgia still gets me every time I visit the clan website, the history page especially. Although I’m still somewhat in a conflict with myself, I still look to my past experiences at SNM as inspiration, although it’s usually more for nostalgia. If you’re interested in seeing all the Legends (essentially owners and main owners) of the clan, this is the link. Oh, how I yearn for the old days — the Golden Eras of SNM — again.

Side Note: If you’re interested in story time and my gaming history on TWO, feel free to follow me on Twitter @SJSharkByte and tweet or DM me and I’ll tell you all about it when I’m not busy and have nothing better to do.

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