Humans: Just How Fragile Are we?

Humans… so fragile. I never realized how fragile until recently.

– Castiel from Supernatural (I’m No Angel)

I was listening to Broken by Lifehouse, and then upon further thinking about the lyrical meaning of the song I suddenly had the same realization I’ve had before: how fragile us humans are.

Every day, along with the happiness and joy in our lives comes the inevitable pain that we all must endure, both physically and emotionally. With this pain comes the severity. Some may argue that it is our choice to make the initial pain greater than it really should be. Others say the initial amount of pain is out of our control. We all deal with things differently, but in the end we all want this pain to go away.

I’ve seen people get depressed. I’ve heard and read stories about people committing suicide at an early age, and while at some point we’ve got to have that moral support around us, it makes me wonder. Just how fragile are we really?

Let’s take love (as in BF/GF love) as an example. Most, if not all of us have gone through this. We’ve crushed on others whom we really liked and depending on our personalities, we might either be shy or have no problem with communicating with that person. If it all eventually works out well, the relationship becomes more intimate. In times when everything starts crumbling around us, however, more times than not one of the two is affected negatively. They can’t stop thinking about that special someone (or ex). They feel emotionally hurt and don’t know what to do, and that state of mental panic sets in.

In a way, it is a choice. We can either choose to be highly affected by this emotional state and make it worse ourselves or we can get over it. However, in my opinion (and one I’ll be talking a lot about in a later column), the feeling of love and break-ups is something that can never go away no matter how hard we try.

Point being, there are situations in life that threaten to break us down to the core. Are we going to let it break us down emotionally or are we going to fight through it and stand stronger than before? That’s our choice to decide.

Here. Have a listen.

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