Art: A Form of Expression

Air Combat Art via

Air Combat Art via

Art, by definition, is a form of expression. It’s all around us, from the music we listen to to the pictures and paintings we see around us. You already know all this. So, why am I telling you this?

The brain has always interested me. Almost all of us have feelings and emotions about something, whether it’s love or depression or even just having fun.

For example, one form of art that’s quite popular nowadays is music. Music, like every other form of art, tells a story. It’s not just a bunch of pitches and notes put together to make sound. Certain classical pieces can tell the audience of a popular folktale. Each country has a national anthem that represents what that country is all about. There are deep songs about love, and even fun songs about partying. A song impacts someone if they feel emotionally connected to it.

Whatever form of art you come across, just know that there has to have been a reason behind it.

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