Another Blog & Life Update

Hey guys. So, I now have another blog. That one talks about the paranormal and urban legends. If you want to check it out, the link is

In other news, I now have another girlfriend. This time, though, I feel it’s going to last a long time given that my parents approve. I love her a lot and hope to get to see her soon. I’ve also been busy with other stuff, particularly school life. I’ve needed to raise my GPA in college after slipping behind. It’s only going to get harder, so I have to buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride.

I’ll still try to think of some stuff to blog and blog when I can, but I have so much on my plate.

Hope y’all are enjoying my columns! If there are some with spelling and grammatical errors, I apologize. I’ve admittedly been too lazy to proofread my articles recently, which I need to get back to doing properly.

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