End of the Road

So, I’d thought long and hard about this for a while but I’ve finally made my decision. This will officially be my final post in this blog. I have to say, it’s been fun sharing so many tips and advice to help inspire y’all along with a few newsy columns. Not only have I run fresh out of ideas on what exactly to write, but the motivation just hasn’t been there for me either. I’ve gone through a major event in my life lately that made me question literally everything. It also made me feel even more different. All-in-all, it hurt like Hell and more than half the time I’d rather not talk or even think about it.

The last few things I want to say are about suicide prevention and spreading on the positive influence. Today, we lost a great actor, comedian, and human. Robin Williams was only 63 when he committed suicide. I had just gotten on Twitter to see the news and, needless to say, I was shocked. When I tried to find out why he did what he did, I found that he had suffered from severe depression. Of course, you might ask why the Hell it takes an actor’s death for us to realize how serious the issue of mental illness is. It doesn’t, but it’s not talked about nearly enough until someone dies.

When I think about it, I look back at the time when the #BellLetsTalk movement took place on Twitter to raise money to help fight against these mental diseases. Obviously, money wasn’t everything. If people really cared enough, they would have tried to spread positivity among their friends and family. They would have tried to help those in need by verbally communicating with them and letting them know that it will be okay, that they are not alone. So please, do your part in doing good for society and help whomever needs help. Talk with them. You  never know what’s hidden behind those eyes and in the depths of their minds. Also, for those who are currently suffering, don’t give up. Continue to hold out any and every bit of hope left in you. Be vocal about it. Don’t be scared because, again, you don’t have to fight it alone.

I honestly hope you guys will continue spreading positive notes to your peers and others. It doesn’t matter if it’s through a blog like mine, an online chat, or just plain verbal communication. My friend, Josh Chen, introduced and spread the Daffodil Principle to me. Here, I’m spreading it to you.

From here on out, I’ll be working on my paranormal blog that I’d briefly mentioned in the column before this. Once hockey season starts back up again, I’ll also be working on writing for Blades of Teal, a San Jose Sharks hockey blog. So, for those of you Sharks fans y’all can feel free to check that out if you haven’t already. For just plain hockey fans, there are loads of NHL team blogs on FanSided. Knock yourselves out.

That’ll do it for me. Thanks for reading, guys! Hope y’all enjoyed the run.

Side Note: I’ll still help out and try to inspire anyone I can in other ways.

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