Josh Chen’s Blog and the Daffodil Principle // Misc.

A few weeks ago, he showed me a video that shows the Daffodil Principle in action. Having an idea of what it is, I decided to Google and read up on what the Principle really is. As I continued to read the story behind it, the realization felt like it officially hit me. I was speechless, and as I whispered the general idea behind it to myself, right away I knew I had to keep contributing and inspiring others to help each other. Each step you take can change a life.  That, to me, was another step worth taking. So go on out there, and spread the word.

Recently, Josh Chen made a page dedicated to me since, even though I talked about my ambitions on this page, I recognized him as my role model, my inspiration. Having skim-read a few of his columns, I definitely recommend you to check out his blog, J Chen the Columnist. You’ll see where a lot of my inspirations come from. Keep writing, Josh.


Other quotes:

“For nonconformity, society whips you with its displeasure.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Be true, be true, be true.”  – From The Scarlet Letter


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