The Matter of Life & Death

Life and death is something I think about constantly, sometimes even without realizing it. What’s going to be in store for me in the future? What happens when I die? What happens when my friends and loved ones pass away? In a lot of ways not just to me but others as well, we fear death. We fear the notion of dying because physically all the systems in our body cease to work. We fear the idea that our lives could be shortened at any time. Some people, however, have had life-changing near-death experiences that cause them to not be scared anymore.

Everyone’s different in handling the situation of death. For example, when someone’s family member passes away or is killed by some random and heinous act of violence, they may shed tears, mourn, and grieve immensely. Some may just grieve but shed very few tears because that’s all they can let out. Others may just grieve. There are only few exceptions, like sociopaths who just plain don’t care at all. They were born to be heartless. Some are more sensitive to the notion of death than others. I personally believe there’s philosophical connection between philosophy and the paranormal when it comes to this issue, which I’ll cover in a later column as a follow-up.

While, it’s completely normal to be scared of dying it’s also important that you don’t dwell so much on it and just make the best out of every moment of your life. Cherish it while it lasts because every bit of your life really is worth living.

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